Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Revlon Photo Ready Compact

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I haven't posted in a long, long time. *sheepish smile* It's been pretty hectic, so I'd kind of given up on blogging for a while.

Now that I have a job, I can enjoy buying lovely beauty products again :) and I wanted to tell you all about a new product I've been testing out.

I've been testing out the new Revlon Photo Ready Compact Foundation, about $16.50 plus tax. Revlon's Photo Ready line has been pretty popular- people either love or hate it. I tried the Photo Ready liquid foundation last fall I think and found it to be too glittery for my taste. I was surprised that the lightest shade actually matched my skintone, though. Trying to find a foundation light enough for my skin is usually a nightmare. When I saw Revlon had come out with a cream version, I was dying to try it! From reviews it seemed to be good for oily skin, and the packaging seemed like a cool idea.

I have the shade Ivory. It's important to note that this foundation looks darker in the package than it actually is. It appears to be kind of a beige color in the package, but when applied, Ivory is a very pale shade that matches well.

This foundation isn't exactly my favorite, though. I like the packaging, color match and the fact that it has spf 20. It doesn't even appear to have those annoying sparkles the liquid version has. The problem with this makeup is that it doesn't give great coverage. It's good for undereye circles but not for any spots or redness in my cheeks. I normally have oily skin but lately my face is dry from being out in the cold too much. This foundation really cakes up on dry patches even after I've exfoliated and moisturized. It might be better once my skin is back to normal. However, it's pretty pricey considering the amount of product you get. You get a small square of foundation covered by a liquefying screen. My guess is this would last a month and a half or so before the sponge wouldnt even be able to pick up any more product.

Overall it's decent, but not HG material. It's worth trying out, though, to see if it will work for you.


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